We pride ourselves on offering a beverage for any occasion.  Whether you're relaxing on a lovely autumn afternoon, catching a break during a hot, summer day, or escaping out of frosty, winter storm, we have a drink that is sure to do the trick.  


We offer a varied selection of coffee based drinks.  We all have our favorites, so feel free to come in with yours and we'll make them special for you. 


House Brew - A cup of our house coffee..light or dark-always on tap

Espresso - single or double shot of rich, creamy espresso.

Latte - Frothed milk mixed with a double shot of espresso and your choice of flavor(1/4 inch micro foam)

Cappuccino - double shot of espresso mixed with frothed milk and topped with a large head of thick foam(1 1/2 inch micro foam)

Pour Over - Your choice of single origin roast, made fresh for you..one cup at a time.

Black Eye - dark roasted coffee spiked with two shots of espresso.

Americano - double shot of espresso with hot water.

Vanilla Toddiano - Our house-made cold pressed coffee, mixed with milk and vanilla and served over ice, or we can steam it up-its great hot as well!

Caramel Macchiato - caramel and vanilla combined with frothed milk and topped with a double shot of espresso.

 Mocha - A latte made with rich Ghirardelli dark chocolate sauce.

Cafe au Lait - house brew 3/4 way.. topped with 1/4 frothed milk.

Cafe Miel - A honey and cinnamon latte.

Black Van - A creamy blackberry and vanilla latte.

Cafe Bombon-A traditional 8oz. latte with sweetened condensed milk.-so smooth.




Your favorites, just they way you love them

 Hot Chocolate - the classic winter day's drink.  Made with rich Ghirardelli chocolate sauce(white or dark) with a splash of caramel and vanilla.house made whipped cream optional.

Apple Cider -  simple hot apple cider seasoned with cinnamon.

Sparkling Soda - Club soda mixed with your choice of flavor and the option to top with a splash of cream, and our house made whipped cream.


Perfect for summertime, the limit to our blended drinks is your imagination.

Bender - (frappe)Blended cold-pressed coffee, base, splash of milk, with your choice of flavor.

Smoothie - ice blended with 100% fruit puree.  Your choice of strawberry, (peach-pear-apricot), mango, four berry, or pineapple. COMBINE purees or ADD a banana!

Lemon Freeze - fresh frozen lemonade mixed with your choice of flavor  or any of the 100% fruit purees!

PB&M - one of those combinations that is just meant to be.  A peanut butter, banana, mocha bender.


whether you're a seasoned tea lover or a new to the game, we've got a drink perfect for you.

Chai Latte - A classic chai blend of black tea infused with spices and frothed with milk.

Loose Leaf Tea - Your choice of BLACK:GREEN:OOLONG:HERBAL.

London Fog - Earl Gray tea mixed with frothed milk and vanilla.  

Bubble Tea - Choose ONE of TWO ways:A fruit smoothie poured over tapioca pearls..or choose any loose tea-we will make a concentrate of that tea, blend it with milk-base and flavor-poured over tapioca pearls

Green Tea Latte - 100%matcha green tea paired perfectly with vanilla and milk..get that hot-iced or blended.

Purple Cow - red berries tea mixed with vanilla and milk and served over ice.