Our Menu


Hot Drinks

Pour Over/your choice of roast made fresh for you

 Latte/steamed milk, double shot of espresso, choice of flavor

Espresso/single or double shot of espresso

Cafe Bom Bon/sweet and condensed milk, topped with two shots espresso, and steamed milk

Black Eye /your choice of roast, single shot of espresso

Americano /hot water, double shot of espresso

Vanilla Toddiano/cold press coffee, steamed milk, vanilla

Caramel Macchiato/caramel, vanilla, steamed milk, double shot of espresso

(White) Mocha Latte/Ghiradelli chocolate sauce, espresso, steamed milk

Cappuccino/steamed milk, double shot of espresso, deep layer of foam

Cafe Au Lait/your choice of roast, steamed milk

Cafe Miel/steamed milk, double shot of espresso, honey, cinnamon

(White) Hot Chocolate/Ghiradelli chocolate sauce, steamed milk

Apple Cider/steamed apple cider, cinnamon

Cold Drinks


Sparkling Soda/club soda, any flavor, cream

Bender/ blended coffee drink

PB&M/peanut butter and banana mocha bender

Smoothie/ 100% fruit-smoothies..strawberry, pineapple, mango tropics, fourberry, acai plus

Lemon Freeze/frozen lemonade with raspberries or strawberries

Iced Vanilla Toddiano/cold press coffee, vanilla, milk, ice




 Chai Latte/black tea with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorn, and other spices, steamed milk (hot or cold)

Loose Leaf Tea/a pot of glass of loose leaf tea

London Fog/earl gray tea, vanilla, steamed milk (hot or cold)

Bubble Tea/ 

Green Tea Latte/matcha green tea, vanilla, steamed milk

Purple Cow/red berry tea, vanilla, milk, ice

Panini Sandwiches


The Cowboy/scrambled eggs, onions, cheddar cheese, sliced ham

The Bully/honey mustard, onions, cheddar cheese, sprouts, sliced ham

The Medora/avocado, onions, raspberry vinaigrette, pepper jack cheese, sprouts, black beans

The San Juan/grilled fajita chicken, onions, green bell peppers, provolone, hot sauce

The Teddy/avocado, ranch, sliced smoked turkey, bacon, swiss cheese

.limited time summer feature. 

Chicken Salad sandwich/freshly shredded white meat chicken breast, celery, mayo w/ olive oil, salt, and fresh cracked pepper.





Caramel Rolls/a classic caramel roll

Scotcheroos/ rice crispy peanut butter bar topped with milk chocolate

Seven Layer Bars/ graham crackers, butter, chocolate, butterscotch, coconut, cream, and walnuts

Chocolate Revel Bars/oatmeal, milk chocolate, cookie

Orange-Cranberry Scones/orange and cranberry scone topped with frosting

Breads/almond poppyseed, banana, and pumpkin



Hot Soup/Stuffed Green Pepper, Chili, Chicken Tortilla, Chicken Noodle, Cheeseburger Chowder, Chicken and Wild Rice

*soups change daily




Pasta Salad/rotini pasta, tomato, celery, black olives, onions, broccoli, Italian vinaigrette, olive oil

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                   SUMMER FEATURES

 .now serving ice cream SUNDAES!!

creamy vanilla bean ice cream, topped with homemade chocolate sauce, with the option to add gooey ghirardelli caramel sauce, espresso-infused dark chocolate sauce, cushed salted peanuts, and whipped cream!!..sooo tasty!