Coffee: /ˈkôfē/ noun:

A hot drink made from the roasted and ground beanlike seeds of a tropical shrub.  

That's what our friend Mr. Merriam-Webster has to say on the matter.  But we at The Brew know that it's much more than that.  We know that it's what keeps you going, helps you wake up, allows you to stay up late to finish that last-minute project.  

And we don't take that responsibility lightly.  We also don't think that coffee should be something that you simply drink.  You should enjoy every last sip of it.  You should look forward to your next cup.  You should use it to get to know someone better.  Coffee is a part of our lives and we're determined to make it one of the best parts.  

For our coffee beans, we chose to go with one the best in the business, Roastery7.  Shipped fresh from Minneapolis, they roast each of their artisan coffees to the kind of perfection that only comes with passion and experience.  We think you'll enjoy the fruits of their labor as much as we do.


Espresso is a very rich coffee beverage with a thicker consistency than that of regular drip coffee.  A shot of espresso futures a strong, syrupy liquid topped with dark, reddish-brown foam, called the crema.  In addition to being served by itself, it is the base to many of our other drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.  



Southern italian style.  A soft, dark-eyed beauty with lots of syrupy richness.  Characteristic of the bold flavors - sweetness chocolate with wisps of smoke - and sultry smoothness of southern Italy.  


Our full city roasted coffees are lighter and higher in caffeine than a dark roast.  Having been roasted at a lower temperature, this coffees retain much of their natural earthy flavors.  



Sweet, rich cocoa and hazelnut balanced by citrus accented acidity.  Deeper fruit tones and floral notes are revealed as the cup cools.


Costa Rican

Luscious full body, elegantly balanced by the bright sweetness with that radiant, sweet melt-away finish that marks exceptional Costas: this one with an infusion of cherry, plum, jasmine, and sweet cocoa.  


Papau New Guinea

Full, clean caramel and molasses laced body with bright citrus highlights and a spice and cedar toned finish.



Velvety mouth feel with dense chocolate and sparkling orange flavors that dissolve into a savory finish.



This roast's sweetness subdues the wilder notes of pine and forest floor, and turns its heavy body into delightful syrup.



Fresh, bright acidity with notes of raspberry, rosewater and cherry tomato layered in full semi-sweet chocolate laced Bourbon variety body.  


El Salvador 

Rich, round cocoa-laced Bourbon style body, sweet up-front citrus notes (black cherry, orange zest) and a luscious wet finish.  


The most popular type of coffee, our dark roasts feature full bodies and wonderfully rich, complex flavors.  Dark roast coffees typically have less caffeine than a lighter roast, as some is lost during the longer roast, but commonly carry sweet and caramelized flavors.  



A classic, smoky and chocolaty, with a hint of the coffee's true flavor intact.  


Guatemala (Dark)

Velvety mouth feel with dense chocolate and sparkling orange flavors that dissolve into a savory finish. 


Decaf French

A swiss-watered processed and caffeine free version of our classic french roast.


Individual roast descriptions courtesy of Roastery7.